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    Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience​​.

    Powered by Ethereum Blockchain.

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  • bitJob will empower students across the globe with blockchain technology.

    Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience, bitJob will offer students the opportunity to earn income and sharpen their skills while enriching their resumé, all within bitJob's blockchain-based ecosystem of networking, compensation, rewards, and incentives.


    Students all over the world find themselves short on cash during their academic period, and are looking to earn additional income and gain experience while still in school.


    bitJob will enable students to earn a stable income with their free time, enriching their portfolio and engaging with digital currency, many for the first time.


    bitJob merges the benefits of micro-gigs and freelancer-centric bidding sites with the Blockchain, creating the first Hybrid Blockchain Project that allows for peer-to-peer connection with employers and students


    bitJob is a Semi-Decentralized platform, using both centralized payment methods (fiat money) and decentralized digital crypto currency, developed on Ethereum Smart Contracts.

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  • Escrow & Audit

    Our Escrow Agents will be a part of our Multi-sig' wallet,

    Mr. Mikko Ohatamaa is responsible for the Auditing and Allocation of the STU ERC20 Token.

    Mikko Ohtamaa

    Founder & CTO of Token Market.

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  • bitJob AlphA
    Decentralized Platform

    A semi-developed smart contracts platform on the Ethereum blockchain network.

    Ethereum allowed us to build this great application that removes the need to blindly trust server administrators. Thanks to its transparent properties, we now have strong Authentication, Identity, Verifiability, Voting, Reputation and micro-transactions for our Payments and affiliates fees distribution.

  • Always transparent & Protected.

    bitJob has been designed by professionals.
    Its backbone of a decentralized ledger and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness at all stages of bitJob marketplace transactions, between students, freelancers, & employers.


    bitJob.io participants will have reputation assigned to them, to enable them to access remuneration appropriate to their skill level. The better the individual’s reputation, based on previous bitJobs, the higher the price they will be able to command for an hour’s work.


    bitJob is unique because of its awesome team, backers, and partners. We have signed several build agreements with Universities, Employers & student unions

    Every care is taken to provide incentive to the students to increase their reputation and maintain it at the highest level.

    Affiliate Plan

    We're launching our affiliate marketing plan for spreading the word around the world,
    In order to reach as many students as possible, we've came up with a wonderful reward program that will provide our partners with referee rewards.



    Students reputation and gained experience will be registered on our patent-pending "DPR" , a Dynamic Portfolio Résumé that will be placed on a personal domain name and will be adopted by the labor market and future employers.


  • Project Roadmap

    Have a look at our future milestones.

    bitJob roadmap
  • Team

    We understand the secrets of the world's most successful business teams.


    Dror Medalion

    Dror Medalion

    CEO & Co-Founder

    A blockchain entrepreneur, An industrial Engineer and Enterprise Strategic Consultant. specializing in implementation of ERP & BI systems and product design.

    Bogdan Fiedur

    Bogdan Fiedur

    CTO & Co-Founder

    A ÐApp, full-stack, smart contracts developer and a blockchain enthusiast from Canada. with over 20 years’ experience as entrepreneur. Affiliate programs Specialist.

    Aviad Gindi

    Aviad Gindi

    CFO & Co-Founder

    A Mutual Funds Manager at Halman-Aldobi Investment House in Israel. Entrepreneurship instructor & mentor. Aviad ignites the flame of our initiatives!

    Elad Kofman

    Elad Kofman

    CMO & Co-Founder

    A crypto investor and a Director of Marketing & Sales at AG Properties. Expert in marketing & consumer relationships. No one can spread the words like Elad!

    Anton Livaja

    Lead Full stack Developer

    An expert in web development and emerging technologies with 6 years of experience varying across web applications, data mining, conversion optimization and blockchain.

    Micha Roon

    Micha Roon

    Ethereum Developer

    Micha is gifted Blockchain Developer and Trainer. Working on the teams of SweetBridge protocol, SoarCoin and Validity Labs. Founder of Managination.

    Alex Oberhauser

    Blockchain Technologist

    Alex is a gifted Technologist, and Cambridge Blockchain LLC founder CTO & Tech Entrepreneur in the Blockchain & Identity space. Founder of Sigimera LTD.

    Leonard Jackson

    Global Operations Manager

    Leonard is an Expert in Customer Engagement and bitJob's Global Communities Manager responsible for more then 8 social regions spreaded around 5 continents. Before joining bitJob, LJ acted as the Senior Support specialist at CEX.io.

    Suraj Tekwani

    South-Asia Region Manager

    Handling Market Development for South-Asian Territory. Suraj is a true professional in Managing partner inclusion & partner related services. He's also Handling Origination and development of Enterprise Alliance in the Asian territory.

    Elad Kofman

    Minho Kang

    Korean Region Manager

    ​Minho Kang is an ICO's Community engagement & Social services specialist. A true Advocate of Blockchain technology, He's a world class Marketer in the Leisure and Traveling business, and manage is own Travel Agency.​

    Khaya Maloney

    Africa Region Manager

    Khaya is bitjob's African operations Manager, a Blockchain entrepreneur, Business owner, expert in networking and digital marketer, A construction engineer. Creator of the Each 1-Teach-1 - JHB & The STU Ethereum Meetup.


    Elad Kofman

    Cyril Alvarez Adriaansen

    Full stack Web Designer

    Full Stack JavaScript Developer & Crypto Trader. Cyril is an Exeptional IrocHack bootcamp Student, specifing in jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Angular & React.

    Elad Kofman

    Patrick Mockridge

    Recruitment Strategist

    Founder of ENGZIG.com and ECP24.Network. Patrick is A Chartered Chemical Engineer, MIChemE, Developer, Entrepreneur, And Lead Business Adviser.

    Yoel Lapscher

    bitJob Ambassador & Industrial Engineer

    Yoel is a Business oriented engineer with a passion for connecting with people. Continuously leverages analytical and soft skills in order to successfully enable data-driven decisions.

    David Mirynech

    bitJob Ambassador & Blockchain consultant

    Regional Head at Blockchain Education Network (Founded the London chapter as well as the presence of BEN and grassroots in the area) & Consultant at MLG Blockchain Consulting


  • Advisory Board

    Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry

    Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry

    Professor of Finance & Director, UCLA

    Professor of Finance at Faculty Director at UCLA Anderson School of Managment. Professor Bhagwan is also a Co-Founder at the Financial Access at Birth & an active Mentor at TellmeProf.com

    Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis

    Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis

    Cryptography Phd at UCL & CIIM Business School

    Dr Theodosis Mourouzis is an Information security Expert, a Mathematics-Cryptology & data analytics professional at the Center for Blockchain at UCL and CIIM Business School, with strong interests in both academia and Blockchain industry.

    Anish Mohammed

    Anish Mohammed

    Lead Security Architect, HSBC / Ripple Project

    Anish is a Technologist with multidisciplinary background who Have worked as researcher in Security & Cryptography both in industry and academia, Anish Was also on the Advisory board of the glorious Ripple Project.

    Michael Terpin

    Michael Terpin

    CEO, Transform Group; Chairman, BitAnagels / USA

    Michael Terpin is founder and CEO of Transform Group, Coinovate ,CoinAgenda and SocialRadius. Terpin also co-founded BitAngels, Terpin is also an investor and adviser to many blockchain, media and technology companies, including Bancor, GoCoin, Purse.io and ShapeShift.

    James Gonzalez

    James Gonzalez

    Public Relations &

    Marketing Adviser

    Co-Founder & CEO Crypto Consultant. Expert in Business Development, Director at the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC) and a Executive Director and Unsung.

    Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz

    Blockchain Legal Expert

    Alejandro is a blockchain lawyer, Co-founder of ICOFunding.com. He also coordinates a multidisciplinary team at Grant Thornton Blockchain Lab. Passionate about regulation and governance in the decentralized space.

    Alena Vranova

    Business Adviser,

    Wallets specialist

    Business Developer, Adviser to startups, Founder of SatoshiLabs & Financial advisory networks. Developer & Supporter of Bitcoin related projects like: TREZOR - The Hardware bitcoin wallet.

    Marloes Pomp

    Dutch Government - Blockchain Projects

    Marloes loves building a firm connection between the government and new technologies. She's the Program leader of thirty blockchain projects within the Dutch Government.


    Jason Cassidy

    Media & Community Engagement Adviser

    Jason is a Media engagement expert, President at Crypto Consultant, Founder of Helium Pay & Adviser to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC),

    Aaron Schawrtz

    Aaron Schwartz

    Academic Engagement & Business Adviser, BEN

    Director of Engagement at Blockchain Education Network. Aaron is an innovative & passionate thought-leader, A Full Stack Developer with analytical perspective at Florida Blue.

    Brennan Bennett

    Brennan Bennett

    Blockchain System Informatics Mentor

    Founder of the Blockchain Healthcare Review, Brennan is a world expert in Bio-Medical Informatics & Clinical applications on the Blockchain. Currently the COO at Qbrics, Inc.

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